Our Services

We offer professional design services with three changes to your drawing for free. Work directly with our graphic designer who will help you bring your ideas to life. We will make sure that you have a sign that you can be proud of and that will grab the attention of your current customers and drive new business through your doors.
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Site & Survey Permits
Having a complete and comprehensive site survey for your sign is a crucial step in ensuring that your next sign project is a success. A site survey allows us to understand sign placement and permit needs. Our survey process will ensure accurate and detailed information necessary for producing your quality custom sign.
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Project Management
We manage your project from inception to completion. We provide technical, project and cost guidance to help you stay within your budget. We will negotiate the best possible price for you with our vendors for any size project. We keep you updated along the way through proactive communication.
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Repair & Refurbishment
Sometimes you do not need a new sign to get your business noticed. If you are an existing business with a sign it just may need to be repaired or refurbished. We take pride in the fact that our team will never try to sell you something you do not need. When you contact us for repairs or refurbish, we will come out to do a survey and quote normally within 72 hours, often sooner. We will take time to discuss the best solution that meets your budget and time schedule.
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Once your idea is transformed into a final drawing our dedicated team crafts your product. From banners to yard signs to premium quality sign faces, we bring your sign to life right in our shop. We boast one of the most versatile printers for production that can produce high quality outdoor and indoor signage of all types. Our printer affords us the ability to be innovative, creative and original. For our channel letters we contract with an outside sign making partner with whom we have been doing business for over twenty years. Using this partner, allows us to keep costs down for our clients. Clients who want a quality and affordable custom sign, know that with us that is exactly what they will receive.
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We are committed to providing our customers with top notch installation services. Our technicians are trained in safety and we are sure to follow all protocols for your job. We make sure the sign is well placed, visible and secured with product specific requirements relating to your sign and building material. In addition to installing our customer signs we also are a premier installer for out of area sign companies. We perform these installations to the same high standards that we do for our own sign customers.
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Our Products

Exterior Signs
Attract more customers to your business with an eye-popping, high quality custom made exterior sign. We offer a wide variety of custom lighted and non-lighted signs to help you grow your business.
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Interior Signs
Our high-quality custom-made interior signs will help you promote events and products, celebrate achievements and provide directional assistance. We also provide office names and room numbers. Our graphics department will help you determine how best to meet your needs.
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Banners & Yard Signs
At Steel City Signs, we design and make custom banners that are flexible, tear resistant and waterproof and heavy duty yard signs to attract attention to your business. Our printing process produces very professional looking and cost effective banners and yard signs that can be used anytime or anywhere. The right personalized banner or yard sign will attract customers especially in busy, high-traffic situations. We offer personalized banners and yard signs for every setting so call today for your free personalized quote."
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Vehicle Graphics
Transform your vehicle with vehicle lettering, graphics and magnets. These applications are an excellent way to market your business while on the move. Just think about how much time you spend in traffic and at traffic lights. Each person that sees your vehicle is a potential customer. Vehicle graphics are one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. Our graphics department will help you transform your vehicle with the perfect marketing tool.
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Window Perforation
Advertise your business to the outside world with perforated vinyl while working in privacy. Window perf offers a one-way view. You can see out but those outside cannot see into your establishment. Privacy is the primary motivational guide with window perf, but did you know that it will also save you money? Perforated vinyl deters the sun in the heat of the day and thereby reduces your power bill. The overall savings depends on the level of privacy you prefer. Perforated vinyl has the capacity to display full color intricate designs, logos and messaging on your building windows and even your vehicle.
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"Such a great experience working with Steel City Signs! They were FAST and took the time to develop exactly what I was looking for! Best customer service I’ve dealt with in a long time! Can’t wait for future projects with this company."

Meshell Frohlich testimonial

Meshell Frohlich

"Outstanding Customer Service and Workmanship!!! I can not say enough good things about this company. They took an idea we had for a sign and creatively made an idea into an absolutely wonderful eye catching sign. We shopped around for a while before settling on this company. They had the best attitude and best price. We are very thankful we used them. If or when the need comes again for a sign, we will definitely use Steel City Signs again."

Testimonial #2: Nancy Owen

Nancy Owen

"Steel City Signs is the best! They do a great job...they do it fast, they do it right. Friendly and helpful, they are great with designing and making whatever signs you need!"

Testimonial #3: Becky Howell

Becky Howell